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Image Common Name Botanical Name Description  
French Pussy Willow Salix caprea Zones 2-9 Ht. 4-8'  A large shrub or tree. Grows in full sun to light shade, in widely adaptable soil. 
Pink Pussy Willow Salix discolor rosea Zones 4-8 Ht. 8-12'  Grows in light to full sun in widely adaptable soil. Pink catkins in March-October.
Silky Willow Salix sericea 'Marshall' Zones 4-8 Ht. 6-12' Grows in swamps and along rivers in eastern United States. Leaves are dark green and hairy on top and covered with silky white hairs underneath. Blooms in May, fruits in June. 
Pussy Willow Salix discolor Zones 4-8 Ht. 6-15' Pussy Willow is a large shrub that can be used as a windbreak or hedge. In early spring, males produce silky, gray catkins while females produce small green catkins. The Pussy Willow is a food source of pollen and nectar for bees, insects, and birds. 
Records 1 to 4 of 4