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Image Common Name Botanical Name Description  
Indian Pink Spigelia marilandica  Ht. 1-3' Grows in clumps with tubular red flowers and contrasting yellow centers. Blooms March to May. Grows in shaded or open woodlands.
Lyreleaf Sage Salvia lyrata  Ht. 1-3' Makes a great evergreen groundcover, with showy blue flowers in spring. It will reseed easily in loose, sandy soil and can form a solid cover with regular watering. Blooms March to June.
White Baneberry, Doll's Eyes Actaea pachypoda  Ht. 1-3' White flowers produced in the spring. The most striking feature is its poisonous white berried fruit that resembles porcelain doll eyes.
Daffodil, Common Buttercup Narcissus pseudonarcissus  Ht. 12-18" Hardy spring-flowering bulbous perennial in the Amaryllis family. Long lived requiring minimal care. Grows in clumps with beautiful yellow flowers.
Yellowroot Xanthorhiza simplicissima Marshall Zones 4-9 Ht. 8-28" Spreading groundcover, up to 3', the bark and roots are bitter and deep yellow. Glossy green foliage turns yellow to reddish-purple in late fall. Has clusters of small, star-shaped, purplish-brown flowers.
Records 61 to 65 of 65