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Image Common Name Botanical Name Description  
Christmas Fern Polystichum acrostichorides Zones 3-8 Ht. 12"-3' The evergreen fronds grow very hardy. Can be used for holiday and cut flower decorations.
Cinnamon Fern Osmunda cinnamomea Zones 3-8 Ht. 2-5' New fronds have a cinnamon color changing to yellowish-green.
Ebony Spleenwort Fern Asplenium platyneuron Zones 3-8 Ht. 15" Fronds are very erect, evergreen.
Hayscented Fern Dennstaedtia punctilobula Zones 3-8 Ht. 12"-3'  Has lacy, light green triangular fronds.
Leatherwood Fern Dryopteris marginalis Zones 3-8 Ht. 2' Evergreen fronds are very sturdy and used by florists.
Maidenhair Fern Adiantum pedatum Zones 3-8 Ht. 12-30" Lacy, airy foliage and grows with little sunlight. Good for shaded gardens.
Royal Fern Osmunda regalis Zones 3-8 Ht. 1-6' Large fern, can tolerate more light than others and forms large colonies. Provides cover for wildlife.
Sensitive Fern Onociea sensibilis Zones 3-8 Ht. 18"-3' Very sensitive to early frost, fronds bear spores with bead like structure.
Lady Fern Athyrium asplenioides Zones 3-8 Ht. 18-24" Mild green foliage with a delicate appearance.
Walking Fern Camptosorus rhizophyllus Zones 3-8 Ht. 6-12" Where frond tips touch the ground it sprouts a new plant and appears to be walking over the ground. Photo courtesy of Troy Evans
Toothwood Fern Dryopteris spinulosa Zones 2-7 Ht. 1-3' Has a true rich green lacy foliage, evergreen.
TN Ostrich Fern Athyrium pychocarpon Zones 2-7 Ht. 18-24" Delicate appearance, requires constant moist soil.
Glade Fern Athyrium pycnocarpon  Zones 6-8 Ht.1-3' A tall, slender-leaved fern with green, arching fronds in a circular cluster of 5 or 6 leaves. Grows in moist soil.
New York Fern Thelpteris noveboracensis  Zones 4-8 Ht. 1-2' A soft, deciduous, yellow-green fern that grows in moist or dry, humus-rich deciduous woods.
Records 1 to 14 of 14