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Image Common Name Botanical Name Description  
American Plum Prunus americana Zones 3-8 Ht. 20-25' White flowers. Grows in full sun in wide range of soil types. Good for windbreaks. Red plums with bright yellow pulp. Good for wildlife.
Chickasaw Plum Prunus angustifolia Zones 6-9 Ht. 15-20' Pink-red-yellow juicy, wild sweet fruit that is good for wildlife. Grows in a widely adaptable soil, in full sun to part shade. It is drought tolerant.
Okame Cherry Prunus okame Zones 5-9 Ht. 60-70' Pink blooms in spring. Grows in full sun and is tolerant to heat and cold. Medium to fast growing. Bronze-red color in fall.
Black Cherry, Rum Cherry Prunus serotina Zones 3-9 Ht. 60-70' Small white flowers. Deep green foliage. Red to purple fruit, black when ripe in late summer. Highly prized for lumber. Fruit is good for wildlife.
Kwanzan Cherry Prunus serrulata Zones 5-8 Ht. 15-25' Oriental flowering cherry with pink blooms lasting for three weeks. Grows in full sun. Has a bronze-red color in fall.
Autumnalis Cherry Prunus subhirtellia 'Autumnalis' Zones 4-9 Ht. 20-25' Grows in full sun in well-drained soil. Has a semi-double light pink flower. Yellow fall color. Used for highways, patios, and good for small yards.
Weeping Cherry Prunus subhirtellia 'Pendula' Zones 4-8 Ht. 25' Single pink flower, blooms in mid-spring. Grows in full sun, in mildly acidic soil and needs fertilize each spring.
Yoshino Cherry Prunus yedoensis Zones 5-8 Ht. 25' Blooms pinkish at first fading to white in March and April. Grows in well-drained soil.
KV Plum Prunus cerasifera 'Krauter Vesuvius' Zones 4-8 Ht. 15-20' Dark purple leaves. Holds color all summer. grows well in very hot to extremely cold conditions. 
Snow Goose Cherry Prunus x Snow Goose Zones 4-8 Ht. 20' Japaneses cherry, disease resistant. Bowl-shaped single flowers. Grows in full sun in moist areas.
Records 1 to 10 of 10