Malus x Domestica-Apple

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Image Common Name Botanical Name Description  
Gala Apple Malus x Domestica Zones 5-8 Ht. 15-20' A great summer apple for eating and canning. Harvest in August. 
Grimes Golden Apple Malus x Domestica Zones 5-8 Ht. 10-30' Yellow apple that is spicy, tangy, and sweet. Harvest in mid-October. 
Jonagold Apple Malus x Domestica Zones 5-9 Ht. 10-15' Large red over yellow fruit that is firm, juicy, slightly tart. Harvest in mid-September to late October. Tree is vigorous, productive, and cold hardy, use for baking and cooking.    
Red Delicious Apple Malus x Delicious Zones 5-8 Ht. 10-25' Large upright tree with medium sized fruit that is juicy and sweet tasting. Great eating apple. Requires moist, well-drained soil. Harvest mid-September to mid-October.
Winesap Apple Malus x Domestica Zones 5-8 Ht. 10-25' A large red tart apple that keeps well in winter. A slow growing tree that grows in moist, rich, well-drianed soil.
Yellow Delicious Apple Malus x Domestica Zones 5-8 Ht. 10-25' Large, golden apple that ripens late. Sweet flavor. Used for eating, pies, sauces, and preserves. Grows in moist, well-drained soil. Long storage life. 
Fuji Apple Malus x Domestica Zones 6-9 Ht. 17-20' A medium sized apple with reddish-green color. Favorite fresh eating apple. Harvest in mid-September.
Arkansas Black Apple Malus x Domestica-Apple  Zones 4-7 Ht. 8-10' Balanced sweet flavor with a dark red skin and firm crisp flesh. Resistant to cedar apple rust and is hardy and vigorous. Harvest October to November.
Granny Smith Apple Malus x Domestica-Apple  Zones 5-9 Ht. 14' All-purpose apple with green skin, firm crisp flesh, and a tart taste. Grows in loamy, well-drained soil. Harvest early November.
Records 1 to 9 of 9